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Introduction to AutomaSHOP

AutomaSHOP revolutionizes the industrial trade sector's B2B e-commerce. Designed for distributors to provide their customers with an efficient online B2B store, it streamlines the shopping experience with over 3.4 million unique products and 450+ supplier integrations already embedded. Key features like multi-language support, powerful search engines, and online payment options offer unparalleled convenience and customization.

AutomaSHOP Quote-to-cash - Centralizing B2B E-commerce

AutomaSHOP Quote-to-cash is a comprehensive solution for distributors to manage their B2B e-commerce efficiently. Key features include:

  • Unified RFQ Management: Distributors can easily handle all requests for quotes (RFQs) from various customers and sources in one centralized platform, streamlining the process. So connect your website, and webshop, and add RFQs from email or when you get them over the phone. Then manage the quotation and selling/ordering process all from one screen.
  • DEALS visibility for your customers: The platform allows for effective management of quotations, enabling distributors to track, update, and communicate with customers seamlessly. Capture the online payment or order confirmation depending on billing terms - straight from your quote email! Inform your customer automatically about the tracking URL, invoice upload, and that you received a bank transfer for the order.
  • Collaborative Teamwork Environment: AutomaSHOP fosters teamwork by allowing multiple team members to collaborate on order management and customer service, enhancing productivity and response times.
  • One-Stop Order Management: The system consolidates all orders, making it easier for distributors to track and fulfill them efficiently.
  • AutomaAI: create quotes from email on auto-pilot with our AI! See a video on how it works HERE>

    These features not only simplify the workflow but also provide significant benefits like time-saving, better customer relationship management, and improved accuracy in order processing. AutomaSHOP Quote-to-cash is designed to be a comprehensive tool for distributors to enhance their online B2B store services, offering a seamless, efficient, and customer-focused e-commerce experience.


Go to DEALS > Sales.

This is the dashboard where you can manage all your incoming RFQ's. Currently, you get all RFQs from Automa.Net members, but with AutomaSHOP, you can also connect your website inquiry form, and your webshop (for orders) and also add DEALS that are started "manually", so when you get a call or an email to your inbox.

For DEALS that are initiated over the phone and email, go to DEALS > Sales and click + ADD DEAL.

Next, fill out the information to create a quote. You can also copy and paste your email with your inquiry and we will try to create a draft of the quote automatically, including the recognition of the individual parts and QTY from the email!

1 - Customer - is your final client you got an RFQ from via phone or email. You can add the company and personal data of your contact person. If your customer already exists in the database, it will automatically pre-populate the data. Nevertheless, you can edit them or just add another contact person to the existing company.

2. Profile address - these are the data we collect for you for future needs. It will enrich your customer company data in "MY CUSTOMERS" Tab you can go to at any time later on. 

3. Parts - here you can easily add all items your client requests, using part code, brand, condition, and quantity. 

4. Notes - this is the place where you can add whatever additional comments or information you think might be important for this quote. Notes will be included in the email your client will obtain with your quotation. 

5. ... or you can just skip all the above steps and let our amazing AI do the work for you! Just copy & paste the email from your clients, wait about 30 seconds, and voilà! - all data you need to create a quote and collect data about your clients would automatically fill the forms.

In the Source section, you will see whether the DEALs that appear on the list come from the Automa.Net platform itself, your external webshop, was manual or other. 

Your company branded e-mails for the clients

Our infrastructure keeps both sellers and buyers informed about the current state of the DEAL and any action that needs to be taken. Your client will receive a professionally designed e-mail with your logo and action buttons.

AutomaSHOP Global Product & Availability data

AutomaSHOP's global product and availability data feature is a game-changer for distributors. Key benefits include:

  • Extensive Product Selection: Over 3.4 million unique products from 450+ global suppliers. Out of the 3.4 million, 1.5 million products have rich data that includes everything made available by manufacturers (partnership with DDS). Capture more business with your current and new customers with broader product portfolio.
  • Real-Time Availability: Immediate updates on product availability, pricing, and delivery time enhance reliability and conversion rates!
  • Efficient Procurement: Thanks to the live connections between your new B2B e-commerce solution (AutomaSHOP) and Automa.Net, you can fully streamline the sourcing process which saves time and reduces errors.

This extensive product data empowers distributors to offer a richer, more responsive service to their customers, setting a new standard in B2B e-commerce.

AutomaSHOP B2B Portal

B2B commerce is all about individual terms, like pricing, payment terms, shipping terms, and more. However, to make it super customized for each of your clients requires a lot of processing power and data... And this is what our B2B portal at AutomaSHOP is all about! It's about empowering Distributors with a Specialized Platform.

GREAT NEWS?! You can use it as a standalone public e-shop + closed B2B environment or you could connect the data and back office of our platform to your existing infrastructure like an e-shop and/or B2B shop! 

The AutomaSHOP B2B Portal is specifically designed to enhance the business-to-business e-commerce experience. Key advantages include:
  • Tailored B2B Features: Tools and interfaces specifically developed for B2B transactions. A catalog of 3.4 million products with real-time availability, pricing, and delivery time managed by you.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Interactive platform for improved customer interaction and service, thanks to the visibility of the ordering process, RFQs, quotes, orders, and chat.
  • Personalized User Experiences through "Trade Relations": Customizable interfaces to meet specific customer preferences and requirements. Set up default billing terms like advance payment or pay by invoice (net 7,14,30,60,90), set up discounts, default shipping methods or free delivery. Flag customers who need to be served with extra care.
  • Efficient Order Processing: Streamlined system called "DEALS" for managing and processing orders more effectively.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Insights and analytics to inform business strategies and customer management.
  • Advanced reporting, inventory management, and integrated invoicing solutions.

    This portal provides a specialized platform that is not just a new B2B shop for you. business, it's your solution to start a marketplace. 


Setting up companies and users at your AutomaSHOP

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