Welcome to the AutomaQUOTE feature – your reliable partner in automating quote responses for RFQs (Request for Quotation) on our platform. This guide provides an overview of how to use AutomaQUOTE, its rules, and the benefits it offers.

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In the competitive landscape of trading, every second counts. AutomaQUOTE is not just an automation feature; it's a sales catalyst. By significantly reducing the time gap between receiving an RFQ and responding with a quote, you exponentially increase your chances of securing a sale. Dive into this guide to harness the full potential of AutomaQUOTE.

AutomaQUOTE is not just an automation feature; it's a sales catalyst.

Setting Up AutomaQuote

Before diving deep, here's how you can set up AutomaQUOTE for your business.

For Specific Companies:

  1. Navigate to the desired company page through the "Companies" page.
  2. Click on the "Trade Relations" settings tab.
  3. Toggle the AutomaQuote switch to activate it for that particular company.

For All Companies:

If you want to activate AutomaQuote for all current and future Automa.Net members, please contact our admin at [email protected].

How AutomaQUOTE works

To optimize your AutomaQUOTE experience, it's essential to know how it operates in the backend.

  1. Quote Generation: AutomaQuote will automatically generate quotes based on your current data provided in the inventory feed. Each Quote expiration date is automatically set to 7 days
  2. Criteria for Automatic Quotes: Quotes are generated and sent automatically only when the items from your inventory feed have the following data on them: Ships In, Quantity (QTY), Price
  3. Country-Specific Limitation: Automatic quotes won't be generated for companies from the country you are based in due to the inability of the system to determine the appropriate tax based on both seller and buyer's billing addresses. This will be addressed in AutomaQuote 2.0 development.
  4. Embedded Note: Each automated quote will include a note: "For shipment price, tax, and other details please contact us via chat if interested in this offer" so that the buyer will contact you for a revised quote with tax (if applicable), shipment and so on,  if interested in your base price of the goods.
  5. Other Limitations: Quote won't be sent (we will create an automatic draft) if you keep in stock fewer parts that are requested in the RFQ. 

Why AutomaQUOTE?

Let's delve into the multitude of benefits that AutomaQuote brings to your trading processes.

  1. Time Efficiency: No need to manually respond to each RFQ – AutomaQuote handles it for you!
  2. Consistency: Ensure all your quotes reflect your latest offerings.
  3. Flexibility: Tailor your settings for specific companies or apply globally.
  4. Enhanced Communication: Keep potential buyers informed with embedded notes.
  5. Reduced Errors: Minimize manual errors with the power of automation.

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The future: What's next in AutomaQUOTE 2.0?

As we continually strive to enhance your trading experience, we are excited to announce that AutomaQUOTE is evolving into AutomaQUOTE 2.0 starting today. With this advanced iteration, we are fine-tuning the automation process even further. In the upgraded version, you can expect:

  • Smarter Automation Rules: Decide the circumstances under which an automatic quote is sent and when a draft is simply created for review. For instance, set parameters like "automatically sending quotes only for transactions up to 5000 EUR."
  • Automatic TAX Calculation: Say goodbye to the complexities of manual tax computation. AutomaQUOTE 2.0 will seamlessly determine the appropriate tax for each transaction.
  • Precise Delivery Cost Calculations: The new system will automatically compute delivery costs, taking one more task off your plate.
  • Tailored Discounts & Billing Terms: Strengthen your trade relations with personalized billing settings. Offer special discounts, such as "8% off for company XYZ", or specific billing terms like "Pay By Invoice (Net30) for company ZYX."

With these enhancements, AutomaQUOTE 2.0 promises to not only simplify your trading processes but also to provide an unparalleled level of customization and efficiency. Stay tuned for the future of effortless trading!

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