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E-commerce's changing landscape presents challenges for industrial automation distributors. Automa.Net collaborates with DDS to streamline content delivery. Learn more in our article.

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The Automa.Net and DDS collaboration introduces a groundbreaking "Product Content-as-a-Service" model. This model differs from traditional tools by providing a comprehensive solution for product content management, rather than just a software application. Distributors can now leverage a full-suite content service tailored to their specific needs.

One of the primary advantages of this partnership is the depth and breadth of product content delivered to distributors. The content provided by DDS is sourced directly from over 1,200 manufacturers worldwide, ensuring distributors have access to an extensive array of information, including:

  • Features and Specifications: Detailed product specifications to assist customers in making informed purchase decisions.
  • High-Resolution Images: Multiple high-quality images, videos, and 360-degree product views to enhance the visual experience.
  • Documents: Availability of spec sheets, brochures, installation manuals, CAD drawings, 2D and 3D drawings, providing in-depth technical information.
  • Marketing Information: Captivating marketing descriptions and application details to aid in product promotion.
  • Warranty Info: Transparency in warranty information for customer confidence.
  • Regular Maintenance: Continuous updates and maintenance to ensure end-users are always viewing the latest information.
We’re talking about everything manufacturers make available to help market and sell their products

The data accessible through Automa.Net and DDS partnership is vast and invaluable to distributors. Key data highlights include:

  • Over 1.3 million unique components with rich data.
  • A network of 406+ manufacturers, ensuring a diverse product catalog.
  • Monthly data updates, including new photos, lifecycle statuses, and manufacturer-provided information.
  • Essential information such as EAN codes, custom tariff codes, package dimensions, and country of origin.
  • 3 format options for export JSON, Multi CSV or XML
Distributors in the US have seen an average of 17% increase in revenue from utilizing accurate product data. It helps them be displayed higher in Google's organic searches since Google likes websites with products that have the proper fields populated

Product Example

Once DDS has the data, then delivers it to Automa.Net distributors in a convenient manner. This feed is customized to meet the distributor's desired export format, ensuring seamless integration into the distributor's e-commerce system. This approach ensures that distributors receive up-to-date product information, including new photos, lifecycle statuses, and any other data provided by the manufacturers, all on a regular basis. It simplifies the process of keeping the product information current and accurate on the distributor's website or e-commerce platform.

A Partner in Success

In the fiercely competitive industrial automation distribution realm, the Automa.Net and DDS partnership is poised to transform the game. By offering a complete Product Content-as-a-Service model, streamlined integration, and extensive product content, distributors are well-equipped for success in the e-commerce age. As technology and collaboration drive progress, distributors can concentrate on delivering exceptional products and customer experiences.

Moreover, besides delivering exceptionally comprehensive product content, DDS offers content management services to enhance usability, along with routine maintenance to ensure your end-users consistently access up-to-date information.

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