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Seeking insights on market trends? AutomaINSIGHTS provides answers to pressing questions for any trade business.


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  • Which products are trending both globally and in specific countries?
  • Which brands are leading the charts, and where?
  • Are there any components that professionals are desperately searching for but can't find on Automa.Net?

AutomaINSIGHTS is a robust tool that offers insights into the most searched terms, the most viewed components, and items that remain elusive on our platform.

You can find our DEMO report here: DEMO Automa.Net Insights

Here's what you can uncover

  • Most Searched Parts: A comprehensive report detailing the parts most frequently sought after on Automa.Net.
  • Top Viewed Parts by Brand: Discover which components are most viewed on the Automa.Net portal, sorted by brand.
  • Search Trends by Country: Understand the popularity of search terms by country, the number of unique companies searching, and the distinct users behind those searches.
  • Elusive Components: Identify the most searched terms that yielded no in-stock results, along with the countries from which these searches originated.
  • Brand Popularity by Country: See how often a specific brand appears in searches across different countries.
  • Public Pages Searches: Gauge the frequency of terms searched on our public pages

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