Quote Tracking in DEALS

You can now track quote engagement! See if your quote was opened, how many times and where!

Marcin Krzączkowski

Last Update il y a 6 mois

The new "Quote Tracking" functionality on Automa.Net provides users with the ability to monitor their sent quotes in real-time. When you send a quote using the DEALS module to your client, the system now keeps track of whether the quote has been opened, the frequency of openings, and the location of access, whether it's through the Automa.Net portal or via email. This valuable insight allows businesses to gauge client interest and engagement levels with the provided quotes, potentially informing follow-up strategies and engagement tactics.

How it works?

Go to DEALS > Sales

On the left-hand side on a list of deals you will see a grey or blue eye icon. When it's blue, it's an indicator that your quote has been opened. When you hover over this icon, you will see when it was opened, where: Portal (1) or Email (2) and how many times overall. 

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