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Boost your sales and climb the ranks on Automa.Net by swiftly responding to RFQs — a faster reply means a better buyer experience and higher search visibility!

Marcin Krzączkowski

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Introducing the 'Average Response Time' feature on Automa.Net!

Designed to highlight your responsiveness as a seller. As a valued partner, your prompt replies are not just appreciated by buyers but are now also rewarded with greater visibility and improved position in the search results - so you will sell more!

Here’s how it works:

  • Benchmarking Performance: After your first 30 quotes, we’ll start displaying your average response time, updated daily based on the last 90 days of activity.

  • Smart Calculations: We only count business days, excluding weekends and holidays in your country, thanks to the integration of a sophisticated data library of public holidays and weekends around the world.

  • Visible Categories: Your response times will be categorized for buyers to see:

    "Average Response "less than 1h" or "Average Response 2h" if your average response time is in a range of 0h to 24h

    "Average Response "1 day" if your response is between 25h-47h

    "Average Response "2-3 days" if your response is between 48h-72h

    "Average Response "Above 3 days" if your average response is 73h+

  • Boost Your Offer: The faster you respond, the more points you earn. This directly influences your offer's ranking in search results, pushing it higher up on the list.

    Remember! Quicker responses can set you apart, driving more buyer interest to your offers and potentially increasing your sales. So, keep up the timely communication, and watch your offers rise to the top!

    🏆 [PRO TIP] If you want to respond in a couple of minutes, why not use our automatic quote module AutomaQUOTE or integrate with us through API?

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