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In Automa.Net we created a dedicated space for you to grow your chances to find the part you are looking for. When you are looking for a part, but no one has it, our Portal will first suggest other similar parts.

If you are looking for a specific part which is not available, you can stil have two options to chose from:

- Adding part to the WatchList ❤ (read more here)

- Adding part to the Request Board 

If you want to use Request Board you can add a part by pressing the button ADD"XYZ" 

This option will open a form for you (presented in the pictures below) that allows you to fill in as much information about the part as possible (even add a photo).

The rest of Automa.Net's users will know you are looking for the part and will help you get it.

 If you choose public visibility on the Request Board, the Automa.Net crew can promote your request through emails and social media to find the part even faster! 

As a Buyer and Supplier you can follow Request Board to search or sell needed parts. The feature is available in the main MENU. 

In this page you can you can find all recently added items listed with the part descriptions and contact person. 

Reply option give you a possibility to write a private message that will be immediately send to the potential Buyer as an e-mail. 

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